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South Korea: Ex-President, Park Geun-hye jailed for corruption

Former South Korean President, Park Geun-hye, was arrested and jailed on Friday morning in connection to the corruption investigation that led to her ouster earlier this month, authorities said.

Park was taken into custody at her home and taken to a detention centre.

The event was covered live on South Korean television.

Officials said the disgraced former leader accepted bribes and abused her power during her administration.

Park’s arrest followed a lengthy court hearing in Seoul on Thursday, after which the judge decided there was enough evidence to warrant the arrest.

“Major allegations were explained and proved and there were concerns over evidence destruction,” Seoul’s Central District Court explained.

Park was impeached and removed from office on March 10.

She will now remain in jail while prosecutors seek a formal indictment, which they said should come within the next three weeks.

“I feel apologetic toward the nation’s citizens,” Park said last week.

“I’ll cooperate in the questioning sincerely.”

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